Take Me Somewhere Beautiful (2022)

“A very different sound from these guys with less of the post-metal influences that made 2019's The Carpathian Summit such a great album. This time they focus more on the hardcore/screamo side, but still very enjoyable… - 4.0/5.0” - Sputnik

The Carpathian Summit (2019)

"Illyria have created nothing short of a masterpiece with just their second album. 9/10." - Hysteria Magazine

“These Perth boys are beyond talented, and this record definitely validates that. 9.5/10." - New Fury Media

"Illyria have let their song-writing and instrumentation do the talking for why they should be at the forefront of this sub-genre’s evolution and progression." - Heavy Blog is Heavy

"Despite the band’s youth, their talent ripples everywhere here, showing that they’re musically informed and well-learned, but bold as well. 89/100" - Kill Your Stereo

"Everything here is beautiful: tremolo, blast beats, slow pieces - music feels the pulse of life" - Alternative Silence

"Illyria are fantastically versatile, combining aggressive black metal with soft, melodious prog in a manner unique to their style" - Amnplify

"There’s no feeling of hype or trend to the sound of the group, it’s a mesmerising completeness that their sound attains..." - Guido Segers

"Illyria interweaves huge choruses, clean vocals, harsh screams, and even latin-inspired acoustic interludes, and more, into a grand motley crew of styles and sounds. - 85/100" - Kill Your Stereo