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Since 2013, Illyria's goal is to captivate on the gracious melodies and pulsating rhythms of the metal genre whilst promoting the accessibility of the genre to new listeners around the world. Over the past decade, the five-piece act have earnt several opportunities supporting international bands such as Cattle Decapitation, Alcest and Wolves In The Throne Room along with national acts such as Ne Obliviscaris, Polaris and Make Them Suffer.


Illyria incorporated traditional post-black metal conventions into their 2016 self-titled debut album, which is generally regarded highly by global press and fans alike. Illyria released their sophomore album “The Carpathian Summit” in 2019. The album retains Illyria’s identifiable post-blackened style, but with more progressive elements. The second full-length was well received by local and global audiences allowing the band to reach over 250,000 streams with supported singles ‘Kenopsia’ and ‘Wilderness’ leading the front. 


After an intense pandemic period in 2020, the band released a new single "Frostbite" showcasing a new guitarist line-up featuring Stephen Barrett and Andre Avila on guitars following the departures of Blacklock and Warren. In 2021, Stajić had relocated to Humpty Doo, Northern Territory due to work and family commitments. The band was restructured as a solo-project again which saw all Perth-based members moving on. "In The Arms Of Persephone" was released in February 2022 to celebrate the 'end of an era' as a band as well as to brace listeners for Illyria's future musical endeavours.


The band's third full-length "Take Me Somewhere Beautiful" released on the 7th October 2022. It was a bold move steering away from beginnings with less influence from black metal territory and solely embracing post-hardcore & punk influences. With Stajić moving back to his home state in Western Australia, Illyria has forged a new line-up reuniting with Avila on rhythm guitar, Harry Prosser on lead guitar, Jeffrey Anderson playing bass and Cam Stone-Griffin with percussion duties. 
Illyria present their next single Pragma to the world with an accompanied music video on 17/11/2023. The quintet are fearless with their approach blending metal styles within their discography and Pragma solidifies that with its triumphant clash between organic and synthetic elements. With blackened blast beat sections, progressive bass grooves and even an improvised organ solo, the Australians are once again challenging the world for their unique take on metal.


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