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West Australian metal act Illyria challenge the elements presenting their next single Pragma to the world with an accompanied music video on 17/11/2023. The quintet are fearless with their approach blending metal styles within their discography and Pragma solidifies that with its triumphant clash between organic and synthetic elements. With blackened blast beat sections, progressive bass grooves and even an improvised organ solo, the Australians are once again challenging the world for their unique take on metal. 
Frontman and key songwriter Ilija Stajic declares,
"I am always looking to push the boundaries and ‘Pragma’ is only the foundation of this megalithic structure I am forging within my mind to release upon the masses". 
Stajic has worked full-time around rural Australia for nearly 3 years and has steadily progressed on a batch of songs he considers his most ‘darkest and confronting’ to date. 
“I come from a well-off, city-slicking, private schoolboy upbringing. Even though I have travelled around the world and observed varied pillars of society, it is very different being a tourist and seeing it, and being a resident and dealing with it - especially in places that need support the most. It has brought out this determination that I never knew I had within”, Stajic remarks.
Pragma is a critique of the stubborn, ignorant, ‘know-it-all’ mind. A dedication to the unheard screams of those who act upon the trials and tribulations they face everyday and always succeed. Understanding that through hard times we become stronger and shape a better tomorrow. 

“I welcome the darkness, engulfed by it all.” 

Engineered & Programmed by Ilija Stajic
Mixed & Mastered by Simone Pietroforte
Artwork by Melissa Pappini & Andre Avila 

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